SWIBE SOLAR offers a wide range of Solar Submersible Pumps ranging from 1 hp to 50 hp. We also provide a hybrid Solar Pump that can run on both Solar and Electric Power. Our solar water pumping system is capable of running all types of electrical water pumps and industrial motor  with applications varying from irrigation to  Brick Industries and household demands.

SWIBE SOLAR offers Solutions for Solar Open-well Pumps ranging from 3 hp to 50 hp. Our three-phase pumps are developed using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process. Our Solar Open-well pumps are ideal when there is a fluctuation in the water level while resting at the bottom of the well and functions beneath the water.

SWIBE SOLAR offers solutions for Solar Monoblock Pumps ranging from 1 hp to 10 hp. These pumps are easy to install, have low maintenance cost, and offers greater efficiency.

Some of the features include

  1. Highly energy efficient submersible solar water pump with energy-efficient inverter duty motor.Highly-efficient solar photo-voltaic panels with a service life of a minimum of 20 years. MS OR Robust design Galvanized steel mounting structure for long life.
  2. High technology automatic controller with dynamic MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) control method.
    The controller offers complete protection against under and over-voltage and dry-run protection for the pump.
  3. Highly efficient controller with a conversion efficiency of 98%.

Solar water pumping systems APPLICATIONS

Solar water pumping systems have diverse applications across various sectors. Here are some common applications:

Agriculture Irrigation

Solar water pumping systems are widely used in agricultural irrigation, particularly in remote or off-grid areas where grid electricity is unavailable or unreliable. They provide a sustainable solution for watering crops, increasing agricultural productivity, and mitigating the impact of droughts.

Livestock Watering

Solar pumps are used to provide water for livestock in rural and remote areas. They ensure a constant and reliable water supply for animals, improving their health and productivity.

Community Water Supply

Solar water pumping systems can serve as decentralized water supply solutions for rural communities, providing clean and safe drinking water. They are especially beneficial in areas with unreliable grid power or limited access to centralized water infrastructure..

Remote Residential Water Supply

In remote or off-grid residential areas, solar water pumping systems can be used to supply water for household use, including drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning. They offer an independent and sustainable water supply solution for off-grid homes.

Watering for Remote Farms and Gardens

Solar pumps can be used to supply water for small-scale farming, gardening, and landscaping projects in remote locations. They enable the cultivation of crops and plants in areas where access to grid electricity or traditional water sources is limited.

Watering for Parks and Recreational Facilities

Solar water pumping systems can be installed in parks, recreational facilities, and public gardens to provide water for irrigation and landscaping purposes. They offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for maintaining green spaces.

Watering for Remote Mining and Industrial Sites

Solar pumps are used in remote mining and industrial sites to supply water for various purposes, such as dust suppression, equipment cooling, and ore processing. They reduce reliance on diesel generators and grid power, lowering operational costs and environmental impact.

Emergency and Disaster Relief

8. Solar water pumping systems can be deployed in emergency and disaster relief situations to provide temporary water supply solutions. They offer a quick and efficient means of delivering water to affected areas without relying on traditional infrastructure.

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