The Evacuated tube collector consists of a number of rows of parallel transparent glass tubes connected to a header pipe and which are used in place of the blackened heatabsorbing plate we saw in the previous flat plate collector.These glass tubes are cylindrical in shape. Therefore, the angle of the sunlight is always perpendicular to the heat absorbing tubes which enables these collectors to perform well even when sunlight is low such as when it is early in the morning or late in the afternoon,


    • Long life & Low maintenance,
    • Highly efficient Systems
    • Customised Systems made as per water (Hard/Soft) & sites conditions (Pressurised / Non-Pressurised),
    • Electrical back up (optional) for non-sunny days,
    • No pollution, eco friendly systems Assured genuine spares ,

SWIBE HOT WATER SOLUTIONS are available in three different technologies known as Flat Plate Collector technology (FPC), Evacuated Tube Collector technology (ETC). Air Source Heat pump and Both Solar and Air source heat pump Hybrid Systems are available in India. We have options for customer to choose the right technology for his specific hot water requirement and as per his site conditions.We can cater Hot water requirement from hundred Litres per day /Per Hour to few thousands Litres Per Day

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